Using Performance Reviews to Boost Employee Happiness
Measurable Improvements From a More Agile Process

According to our research, employees and managers think performance reviews are too time-consuming, too one-sided, and too late to do any good. Our solution is TINYpulse Perform, a new product that began beta testing In October 2015. With Perform, reviews are short, fast, and totally digital. Employees and managers use it to track performance and review progress on defined, measurable goals on a weekly basis.

For six months, we measured the effects that TINYpulse Perform had on companies. We analyzed the weekly survey responses given by employees through TINYpulse Engage, comparing responses from employees who had created at least one performance goal in Perform against responses from those who had not.

The results reveal the exciting potential of performance reviews to actually improve the workplace.


Perform users rated higher than non-Perform users on a number of factors that define the workplace experience (p < .001 for all ratings).

Increase Employee Happiness With Pulse Performance Reviews | TINYpulse

In comparison to non-Perform users, employees who use Perform report that ...

  • Their management is 14% more transparent
  • Their organization is 11% better at taking action on their feedback
  • They feel 11% more valued at work
  • Their work environment is 12% better
  • They are 9% more likely to refer someone to work at their organization
  • These markedly positive differences aren’t surprising.

  • Transparency: When employees are meeting regularly with their managers to receive feedback, there’s no more wondering what your boss is thinking — or getting blindsided by a negative review at the end of the year.
  • Response to feedback: With weekly performance reviews, employees can tell their bosses about any barriers that are keeping them from meeting their goals. And managers can respond in real time to fix problems in a timely manner.
  • Appreciation: Performance reviews aren’t all negative. Employees enjoy getting recognition from their managers when they meet or exceed their goals — not six months later.
  • Work environment: When employees feel like their managers listen to, communicate with, and value them, it’s no wonder they’ll feel better about their workplace.
  • Recruitment: Employees who feel supported by their managers and set up for success in their jobs won’t hesitate to refer others to their organizations.
  • Pulse performance reviews have the potential to improve the workplace. By regularly checking in with each other, employees and managers are always on the same page. They can communicate about any issues, good or bad, that are affecting performance. The result is a workforce that is happier with their organization and more likely to bring in other great talent.