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“We have averted some issues from escalating and have been able to provide relevant support and guidance at the right time.”
Blair Mainwaring
Blair Mainwaring is the CEO of Ocean Design Group and is an explorer and strategist. Blair lives and breathes growth for their clients through inspired leadership, brand, and culture programs. He has led many successful game-changing programs of work across the private and public sectors. Blair brings a unique vision to the table, and for over 25 years, business leaders have sought his business acumen and insights.

Ocean Design Group is a small design firm in Wellington, New Zealand. Even though they’re a small company, they still struggle with communication and transparency around performance management. Performance-related discussions were inconsistent across the organization, sporadically held, and leaving issues unaddressed until it was too late. Come time for semiannual performance reviews, untended issues had been smoldering for months, resulting in magnified reactions from employees.

They realized they had a problem on their hands and wanted to find a solution to facilitate conversations between managers and employees all throughout the year. They believed that properly managing these discussions early on would resolve issues before they got out of hand and became surprises in formal performance reviews.


Once Ocean Design Group started using TINYpulse Perform, they immediately saw improvement in the quality of their 1:1 discussions. 1:1s between managers and employees became more regular and consistent across the organization and even proved their theory by solving problems before they got out of hand.

Blair Mainwaring, CEO of Ocean Design, mentions, “We have averted some issues from escalating and have been able to provide relevant support and guidance at the right time.”

TINYpulse Perform’s dashboarding has also been invaluable to Ocean Design Group. Managers and employees can use their own personal dashboards to see how well aligned they are, as well as other measures like performance trending. Alignment serves as an early indicator if managers and employees aren’t on the same page regarding performance. Now that they have this information available to them, problems can’t be ignored, and managers and employees can have timely discussions to get back on track. Since the begin of their rollout of Perform in March, Ocean Design Group has already seen alignment between managers and employees increase over 28%.


Although Ocean Design Group has only been using Perform for a few short months, progress towards improving communication and transparency between managers and employees across the organization is apparent. With 83% of all employees being active in Perform, both employees and managers are committed to the process, simply because it works.

Blair shares, “I have found that my 1:1 conversations with my direct reports have improved my ability to understand what's going on in their worlds. I had one instance where a team member was really stressed and concerned that they were failing. If we hadn't had our TINYpulse-inspired 1:1, then I may well have missed this situation — or worse, misread it.”

Transparency and alignment between managers and employees is critical to the success of teams and organizations as a whole. As TINYpulse Perform subscribers, Ocean Design Group looks forward to continue building their company culture by providing timely feedback through structured and transparent 1:1 meetings.