Uniting Multiple Companies Under One Culture
Effectively Capturing Feedback From a Distributed Workforce

A company with many different branches, JWH was looking for a tool to bridge company, geographic, and generational divides.

JWH is unique because we have multiple companies under one umbrella. Each company has its own personality, meaning lots of different personalities to work with which can be a lot of fun but also challenging at times. We also have people in various locations some being 10 hours drive apart, so having everybody feel included is something we are very conscious of. [Additionally], our employees represent many different generations... we wanted a tool that could capture a cross section of feedback [across all of these different elements].

“TINYpulse has had a profound impact on our organization. It’s taught people to speak up when they’re unsure ... and helped build trust so people know they can speak openly.” Jay Walter Jay Walter,
General Manager

Getting TINYpulse up and running for a team of 650+ employees across 16 locations was incredibly fast. With one simple email, the entire company was ready to go. JWH spends limited amounts of time each week checking on results, and compiles a quick presentation monthly to share feedback across the organization.

Learning the tool was very quick; it’s easy to use which funnily enough, made me nervous about using it. It seemed a little too easy! Getting our employees on board was quite quick. Once we were up and running, a simple email went out and we communicated it on our intranet. We did weekly questions to start off with to get people familiar with it in a short space of time, now we have dropped it back to monthly as we don’t want to over burden people with questions.

We survey over 650 employees each month. Some people answer the questions religiously, others just watch and see if one pops up that strikes a chord with them and then they answer. We are using it across the state – we cover a large area as a business with over 16 office locations and many different departments. So we get a real cross flow of information.

I check in on my iPad about once a week and see what’s coming through. I like to respond to people quickly so they know we are taking it seriously. Then once a month I spend about an hour or two preparing a slide deck with some of the common responses... to talk to what has been said so people know they are being taken seriously.


JWH received candid responses that employees weren’t clear about their job responsibilities, resulting in JWH acting quickly to revise their onboarding process while bringing greater transparency to job expectations. More importantly, by introducing TINYpulse, JWH has curated a culture of trust, direct communication, and candid feedback.

One question that came up in TINYpulse was around people’s job responsibilities, and if they felt they had a good sense for what they were. It was amazing to see how some people felt 100% clear, whilst others were completely uncertain. Thankfully, the private message function really let us dig in to this. While retaining anonymity we were able to ask people about what specifically they were uncertain about. We were able to share this feedback with managers so they now knew what their teams needed clarity on.

It taught us to really improve how we onboard people into our organization. We now spend a good amount of time educating new employees on how JWH does business, who they will be working with, and exactly what their responsibilities are and what is expected of them.

But as a whole, TINYpulse has had a profound impact on our organization. It’s taught people to speak up when they’re unsure, and not be afraid to speak up. [What’s really remarkable] is how many people now come up to me and say, “I’m going to tell you now as it’ll save me writing it to you in an email.” It’s helped build trust so people know they can speak openly and are happy to approach us directly.