Embracing Pulsing Surveys Over Annual Surveys
Keeping a Distributed Workforce Engaged and Appreciated

With 100% employee growth yearly and a distributed workforce, Acceleration Partners needed a tool to foster constant feedback and promote a culture of appreciation.

Acceleration Partners is an incredibly fast-growing company. We’ve experienced 100% year-over-year employee growth for the past three years. At the same time, we have a distributed workforce. We wanted a way to foster communication and feedback so that everyone could understand what’s going on and the leadership team could stay on top of trends. Our distributed setup made it difficult to do this in person and we needed a way to create a positive feedback loop throughout the organization.

We also wanted a way to promote positive feedback to foster a culture of appreciation and spread positive energy. We believe that having engaged and appreciated employees leads to exceptional service and interactions with clients.

“TINYpulse is an invaluable tool to our leadership team. It’s a critical piece for promoting our mission of building a healthy culture that meets evolving employee needs.” Robert Glazer Robert Glazer,
Founder & Managing Director

In no time at all, the team learned how to use TINYpulse, and it was quickly adopted throughout the organization. Acceleration Partners is committed to sharing results every two weeks and sees 80% response rates on a regular basis.

Learning how to use TINYpulse was really easy. It took at most an hour or two to get everything figured out. It really is a straightforward and intuitive tool.

And getting our team on board was really simple. During a regular company call, we announced that we would be testing TINYpulse. We explained that we valued our team’s feedback, and this was our way of making sure we were staying on top of what they needed. Everyone was really receptive, and our participation rates continue to be strong, sometimes as high as 80% on many questions.

We share our survey results every two weeks. And TINYpulse’s share feature allows us to quickly distribute them to employees. I don’t have to come up with a report on my own, which is a real time-saver.


Acceleration Partners had historically sent out an annual employee survey, but the time and effort was considerable, and it didn’t provide a way for the leadership team to receive real-time feedback. By leveraging TINYpulse’s weekly one-question survey and its customer question feature, the team had the opportunity to receive more regular feedback on time-sensitive issues.

We did an annual survey for two years in a row before using TINYpulse. It was incredibly time-consuming to gather the questions, build the survey, give our employees multiple weeks to complete it, then put it all in a presentation to share it. And then we still needed to act on the feedback. It was a massive project that had to be completed in a short period of time.

That’s why TINYpulse is a breath of fresh air. It poses just one question every week, so we only have one topic to dive into and tackle. It makes it much easier to address issues, and we can act immediately as new ones arise. And the preprogrammed questions are a huge time-saver. We don’t have to come up with our own if the scheduled question addresses exactly what we want to be asking at that point in time.

Custom questions are also effective because sometimes we have topics unique to our organization happening at a given time, and we can pose targeted questions as new scenarios are coming up. Rather than asking questions about something that happened 12 months ago, we can ask about things that are happening right now. Nothing beats that real-time feedback.