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Without so many people with me during my journey, I wouldn’t have discovered happiness in the profound way that I did. I want to start by thanking my wife Alice, who made one of my life dreams come true, even when we had just started our young family. Keira, my dear daughter, you were the most adaptable of all of us. I can’t wait for our next careercation together, and for you to follow dreams with your own family in the future. Kayla, thank you for believing in us and letting us watch you mature in front of our eyes. Please come visit!

Thank you to all the entrepreneurs I interviewed. You were so gracious and warm to me. Without your time, I probably would still be lost and in search of entrepreneurial happiness.

A special thanks to Cristina, because without you, this “book” would still be blog posts. Your energy and dedication brought us past the finish line. Thank you to John and the entire TINYhr team. I still can’t believe that I get to work with such amazing people that bring me and our customers joy on a daily basis. Thanks for helping make my professional dreams come true.

I would also like to thank my father and mother, who had the “crazy” audacity to jump from Taiwan as a high paying petroleum engineer and nurse to America to become a waiter and homemaker as you invested in your family and our future. Your courage inspires me and will inspire your grandchildren.

I would also like to acknowledge some friends of TINYhr that have been so supportive: Andy Liu, Forest Key, Mike Galgon, Joe Heitzeberg, Neil Patel, Cameron Herold, Kevin Nakao, Guy Kawasaki and his APE book, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and my EO forum. Thank you so much!

Finally, cheers to the hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders who also believe it’s just plain smart and the right thing to do to make your employees happier. And to the thousands of employees who TINYpulse and actively participate in stimulating positive change at your organization, I appreciate your trust and support in us, and we’ll continue to strive to improve TINYpulse for you.

Here’s to happier employees!