How Zillow Group Uses Culture as a Competitive Advantage

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Nov 24, 2016

Zillow Group's culture

How important is a company’s culture to employees and potential candidates? Our research uncovered that work culture is one of the top correlated factors to employee happiness. And according to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends, top executives are more aware of the need to create a deliberate culture, rather than having external-facing outlets — Glassdoor of Facebook — define it.

So how exactly can companies shape a culture from the very beginning and have it withstand through years of growth? The Zillow Group was born 11 years ago. Since then, their founders have been able to maintain their organizational culture by making very deliberate decisions while scaling their business to 3,000 employees.

At TINYcon,  Zillow Group’s VP and Head of People & Culture, Dan Spaulding, discussed how the organization uses their culture as a competitive advantage. Check out his keynote presentation below: 



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