Your Company Must Use Mentorship Today. Here's Why

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Feb 14, 2015

iStock_000055124652_SmallWhen you hire for fit, you’re looking for that person who naturally fits into your organization’s culture. And after you’ve found that person, you’ll might just throw them into the ring and assume they’ll easily make friends at work.

But that’s not what we call an efficient onboarding process. One of the most critical factors for employee onboarding is mentorship. New hires need a specific go-to person that can help them ease into their new role and culture. Consider these points from a study by the Society of Human Resource Management:

  • New employees with members became more knowledgeable about their new organization than someone who didn’t have a mentor

  • New employees were more likely to have embraced the key values of their organization’s culture if they spent time with a mentor

Mentorship offers new hires in-depth knowledge that they would not have gotten had they been on their own.

Better Grasp Of Responsibilities

A new hire is more likely to be hesitant to approach a manager with questions because they don’t want to seem incompetent. So assign the new hire a mentor to be a resource for learning the ropes.

Because a veteran employee knows all the tips and tricks for getting tasks done quickly. They have effective routines for planning, scheduling, and prioritizing projects. They know who to go to for information and where to find that person. Basically, a mentor can help a new employee lessen the learning curve and get them rolling on the job.

Better Grasp Of Culture

Formal meetings do their job of introducing a new hire. But the downfall is that they don’t offer a comfortable environment where people can speak casually.

Having a mentor gives the new hire the opportunity for informal interactions. The mentor can introduce the new employee to people they already know, whether it’s someone on the same team or in another department. And having this guidance offers the chance for new hires to learn about how people act in the company and what behaviors they should expect.

Mentorship plays an important role in employee onboarding. Don’t throw your new hire into the ocean and expect them to swim. Give them a mentor to guide them into their job role and the organization’s culture.


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