10 Things You May Be Doing That Are Annoying Coworkers

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Sep 16, 2016

Annoying coworkersMost of us are never intentionally obnoxious. It’s just a gift some of us have. Yahoo News put together a list of 10 things that you might be doing that are making people secretly plot your demise.


01. Annoying personal calls

Hey, we’re trying to work here. Whether you and you significant other are flirting or fighting, save it for later. Get together with friends after work, or tell them about your dreams another time. Please.


02. Long or frequent cigarette breaks 

Um, hey, where are our random work breaks? Please get back to your desk and get to work like we are.


03. Messy desk 

After we walk by your desk, we have to check the bottoms of our shoes for stickies and, ew, whatever. Hope your mind and work aren’t as disgusting and chaotic as your desk.


04. Boring forwards

Do you know how may important emails we have to dig through every day? Don’t you have to too? It may be hilarious/adorable/shocking to you, but it’s spam to us.


05. Too much moaning

complaining coworkerSOURCE: giphy.com

Please stop complaining. You’re dragging us all down. We’re grown-ups, and we have jobs that aren’t always super-duper or easy. Please suck it up and stop whining.


06. Spraffing in meetings 

Great verb, and it describes what we wish you’d stop doing during meetings that are already too long. Urban Dictionary says that to spraff is “to carry on talking about an unnecessary topic for a lengthened space of time.”


07. Gossiping

Um, if you’re saying that about them, what are you telling them about me? You’re making us nervous. Stop.


08. Being late

always lateSOURCE: giphy.com

Ah, yes, your time is more valuable than ours. Well, that’s the message we get from your constant tardiness. We’re here; where are you? Insult much?


09. Oversharing

We’re friends, sure, but work friends, and there are boundaries that keep things from getting weird. Why do you keep crossing them? There’s no escaping awkward here in the workplace.


10. Bragging

Yes. You’re the best thing since the invention of modesty. See what I did there? Go. Away.

It’s safe to assume that most days we’re all exemplary human beings. Ahem. But if you’re doing any of the things above at work, you might consider stopping before a coworker starts ignoring you.



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