5 Common Workplace Problems and What You Can Do to Fix Them

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Apr 26, 2016

Every workplace is different; every workplace is the same. Some problems occur everywhere and in every organizational culture. Nikelle Murphy, writing for Money and Career Cheat Sheet, put together five pain-in-the-keister issues that got us thinking.


1. What You’re Paid 

Low pay at work

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According to Gallup, low income tops the list of things we’re concerned about, with 20% still worried that we’re going to get our wages cut. 

Almost half of employees say they think the only way to get a raise is by changing jobs. If you suspect you aren’t being paid as much as your coworkers, ask — companies frequently forbid employees to discuss pay, but you have a legal right to do it. If you’re making a contribution to the company, talk to your superior.


2. Teammates Who Work Differently

butting heads at work

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Collaboration and teamwork are critical to getting ahead, but sometimes work styles clash. You’re about details and your coworker’s into the big picture; you work late and they go home early.

Try establishing a reliable way to hand off materials and make sure your work is totally solid. By knowing your coworkers, you can anticipate issues and proactively resolve them in advance. Master the software tools you’re using together.


3. Personality Clashes

personality clash

SOURCE: Jackie Waters

Companies benefit from having a mix of people (as long as they do good work) and value those who play well with others. Be flawlessly professional and courteous with everyone. If you’re inclined, maybe you can discover icebreaking common interests for small talk.


4. Not Enough Time Off


SOURCE: Tim Parkinson

According to a survey done in 2015, 56% of US workers hadn’t taken a vacation in the last 12 months. It’s likely because they’re afraid to.

But when you don’t get time to recharge, you can be shortening your life. Take some time off, even if you’re worried about seeming expendable.


5. That Guy (or Woman)


SOURCE: Simone Lovati

Some people are just trouble, and many workplaces have one of them. Do your best to not engage with them. If it’s your boss — sorry — you may need to find another job.

Every workplace has its challenges, and switching jobs is no guarantee things will be better at the new one. Hopefully these tips will help make your current situation more workable.





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