7 Things Working Professionals Fear the Most [Infographic]

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Sep 4, 2016

Using fear to achieve successWhen Scott Steinberg was researching his book Make Change Work for You, he surveyed a wide range of business leaders. An interesting thing became apparent: the key to success may be overcoming, and even using, your fears.


What the Research Showed

The most important ideas Steinbergs research revealed were:

  • Fear is the biggest obstacle to getting ahead in the workplace
  • There are seven different kinds of fears that commonly keep people from succeeding
  • Taking more risks, and even using your fear as a tool, can be the best way to achieve your goals


The Seven Kinds of Fear

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of embarrassment
  3. Fear of underperforming
  4. Fear of being rejected
  5. Fear of change
  6. Fear of confrontation
  7. Fear of becoming isolated

Steinberg created this infographic that contains more details and offers some helpful suggestions for making the most of your fears.

Fears at work


The respondents, many of whom are now successful, offered some interesting advice for dealing with fear: use it. They said it can be a telltale sign from your subconscious regarding areas for concern, and it can also signal new opportunities by drawing your attention to a new area of interest or industry problem you can solve.

So, bottom line? Don’t fear fear; use it.



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