How Work-Life Balance Impacts Average Employee Retention

1 min read
Nov 19, 2016

work-life balance and retention

In today’s technologically advanced world that’s constantly connected, work-life balance is seen as an elusive dream to many employees. But as we’ve discovered in our research, employees who are burnt out and tired are 31% more likely to think about looking for a new job than their colleagues who feel comfortable with their workload.

Digging in deeper, the opposite holds true as well. When we asked employees to rate their work-life balance, we found that those with a positive work-life balance are 12% more likely to see themselves staying with their employer. 

employee retention

In the end, trying to wring the most out of your employees is shortsighted. Sure, you’ll get extra work done now. But in the long run, you’ll likely lose that team member, and with them, you’ll have lost the time, effort, and money it takes to recruit a new employee and fully ramp them up.



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