Why Your Recruitment Strategies Need To Be Social And Mobile

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Jan 16, 2015

Make Your Recruitment Strategies Social And MobileDid you make any New Year’s resolutions for your recruitment strategies? If not, you probably should. According to the PwC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, 93% of CEOs recognize that they need to do something different to attract talent. But 61% haven’t actually done anything about it.

And if you don’t step up, you’ll quickly fall behind. In Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 69% of recruiters expect competition for talent to increase this year.

So where should you start? Your first step should be a makeover.

What’s Trending

The Jobvite survey reveals the shape of the recruiting landscape, so you can see the hot spots where you should invest your resources.

  • social media has been used by 73% of recruiters to hire candidates
  • mobile is used by 43% of job seekers in their search

Tapping into these resources is all about changing the way you look: how you present your website, where you advertise your company on social media. Of course you need to look at the content of what your company has to offer candidates (the recruiters responded that compensation and growth opportunities were the top reasons candidates left). But in today’s competition for talent, what’s skin-deep is also important.

Millennials Leading The Way

Don’t assume that this trend is only relevant for wooing younger candidates. A recent report on job seekers showed that, while 70% of millennials and Gen Xers search for jobs on mobile, baby boomers are not too far behind at 48%. All generations are responding to the ease and convenience of mobile technology.

Keep an eye on millennials—not only are they a growing population themselves, but their habits and strategies are likely to trickle down to workers of all ages. These newest additions to the workforce might be your best guide for developing your recruitment strategies.

The Wins For Your Company

And while social media and mobile tech are young and hip, don’t assume they’re all flash and no substance. Nearly half of recruiters say that social recruiting has increased not only the quantity of candidates, but also the quality. It’s not surprising. Social media lets you learn more about prospective employees than a resume on its own, whether it’s because you can see their endorsements on LinkedIn or their personality on Facebook helps you gauge their potential fit with your company culture.

As for mobile recruiting, the candidates who embrace this medium will potentially perform better at work. Mobile technology has increased the amount of work people do outside of regular hours. Again, this is a trend that is led by younger generations, but older employees are still part of it.

Don’t get left behind. Your rules for this year’s recruitment strategies should be: Get mobile. Be social.



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