Why Your Organization Will Fail Without Team Goals

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Mar 20, 2015

iStock_000001361626_SmallWhen we communicate to our staff members where we need to go and why, we increase employee engagement. And yet somehow, employees don’t know what’s expected of them and how their activities impact the business.

In the book The Strategy-Focused Organization, Robert Kaplan and David Norton found that a mere 7% of employees fully understand their company’s business strategies and what’s expected of them in order to achieve company goals. And how can you fix this? Use performance reviews as an opportunity to align an employee’s goals with the company’s goals.

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The Driverless Staff

A company vision means nothing if no one’s working toward it. And a team out of touch with the goals can send a company spiraling into randomness. Next thing you know, you’re spending the bulk of your time on work that has little to do with what your customers want.

Employees who have to ask what the plans are for the next few months are two things at the same time. First, they’re a symptom that you’ve failed to communicate the company’s goals. Second (and this is the good one), they’re living proof that there are people in your organization who care about achieving those goals.

How to Bring It Together

The solution to all this is relatively simple in concept. Find out where your employee wants to go in their career, and find a way to interlace their goals with the company’s goals

The solution to all this is relatively simple in concept. Communicate the company’s goal with your employee during performance reviews. That way, you can build their goals around the company. And that ensures everything they do will work towards the organization’s success.

Rather than waiting for someone to ask or finding out secondhand that people want to know more about your current strategy, get out there and tell them about it. Evangelize it every chance you get.


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