Why You Need to be SMART for Performance Reviews

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Mar 24, 2015

iStock_000033511992_SmallPerformance reviews have become known as a hoax around the workplace. Employees feel like they’re being disserviced with reviews that are untimely and feedback that’s not beneficial for professional development. And managers are stuck using subjective “standards.” Consider these findings from Globoforce:

  • 51% of employees see their performance reviews are inaccurate

  • 53% feel their reviews do not motivate them to work harder

Employees have a negative outlook on performance reviews. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Managers need a tangible way of measuring performance, and in order to do so, they should leverage SMART goals.

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Everyone Needs to Be SMART

All professional goals should be SMART. That is, they should follow the acronym below to create concrete goals that’ll further larger professional objectives.

But before your performance review cycle, meet with your employees to come up with individual goals. So when it comes time to do their performance review some-odd months later, you’ll have concrete numbers that you can use to measure how well they did.

  • Specific: Focus on a discrete task so employees know exactly what they’re aiming to tackle.

  • Measurable: How will you know if employees have achieved their goal? By making it measurable, you’ll have a clear benchmark to know if they’ve hit the target or if they still have work to do.

  • Attainable: Don’t set employees up for failure. Create goals that they can actually achieve.

  • Relevant: Your employee’s goals should matter, so only choose ones that help further larger business objectives.

  • Time bound: Give employees a fixed period of time to complete their goals to ward off procrastination.

Why should your employee’s goals be SMART? It makes it easy to understand them, do them, and assess if they are truly complete. SMART goals let everyone be efficient and ultimately make it easier for employees to achieve their larger quarterly and even yearly goals.



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