Why The Happiest Industry Around Has Strong Organizational Values

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Jan 27, 2015

The Happiest Industry Around Has Strong Organizational ValuesOrganizational values are an important part of your company culture and your employees’ work life, but how should they be connected to their personal lives?

Let’s get some insight from the employees themselves. In our 2015 Industry Ranking Report, we found that workers in Construction & Facilities Services averaged the highest happiness scores out of all the industries using TINYpulse. So we were curious about their answers to one of the TINYpulse questions: “Do you feel our company values are aligned with your values?”

On The Same Page At Work

Some employees answered this question by talking about how the company values matched up with their own views on customer service or job responsibilities:

“The company values being aligned with mine made it an easy transition from my previous employer to here. No worry to fit in, or learn how to think, just learn my job responsibilities.”

This respondent lays out the benefits that the company gained: a shorter orientation process, compatibility with coworkers, and no distractions from the employee getting their job done.

“The company values have a customer-centric mindset as do I. Our challenge is how to effectively provide superior customer service and communication from a process-driven place.”

For this employee, alignment with the company values means a shared commitment to serving the customer. This is particularly useful when serving the customer means extra work for the company—if all parts of the organization are in line, it’s easier for them to be united when making difficult decisions.

On The Same Page In Life

Other Construction & Facilities Services workers spoke of their own personal beliefs. While company values might seem unconnected to an employee’s outside life, it turns out that the relationship is important to many of them.

There’s no need to worry about overcomplicating things by trying to please everybody. Simple, straightforward values resonate with many people:

“The basic values like have genuine respect and concern for others, and never lie, steal, or engage in deceitful practices definitely align with my values.”

“Help others, don't cheat, don't steal, and overall be a decent human being. Seems pretty much in line of how I live my life.”

As an added bonus, shared values have a direct connection to job satisfaction for many employees:

“I share the values of the company in my personal life. That is one of the things that make it very easy to love working here.”

“One of the most satisfying thing about working here is the close alignment of the company values to my own. That my peers overwhelmingly share the same values is icing on the cake.”

See what your workers have to say about the company values and their own beliefs. You might be surprised at how it can help improve your employee engagement.




2015 TINYpulse Industry Ranking Report

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