Why Spend Time Improving Employee Engagement Surveys

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Oct 23, 2014

It happens far too often. Instead of wielding the news of a successful project, your favorite staffer walks into your office with a resignation letter. Another one bites the dust. Another one has checked out, headed off for better things, and you missed the signs. 

You should’ve seen it coming. Maybe next time you can. If you have a stake in the happiness of your employees, you're going to want to start keeping tabs on your staff’s level of satisfaction through employee engagement surveys. The reasons are simple. Research has shown that employee engagement positively affects an organization in several ways. For starters:

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According to CLC Genesee, the average company experiences revenue growth of 8.9% over three years. Companies with engaged employees, on the other hand, see a 20.1% increase. You won’t find many people shaking a stick at the 11.2% difference between those two numbers. You want to make more money? Engaged employees will play a big role.


We’ve all felt the effects of a great employee leaving. Not one ounce of losing an employee or trying to recruit a new one is fun. It’s certainly not a good use of our time. When CLC Genesee looked at the causes behind this, it found that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization. You want more long-term employees? Invest in them being more engaged. 


Gallup Research found that 59 percent of engaged employees say their job brings out their most creative ideas, compared to only 3 percent of disengaged employees. You want innovation? Engaged employees win again.

So how do employee engagement surveys come into the equation?

In the words of legendary statistician W. Edwards Deming, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” When it comes to workplace issues, employee surveys are a quick way to handle that measurement. Just a few clicks and you’ll be able to shed light on the problems and hidden issues in your culture that can lead to employee disengagement.

If you want to keep your rock stars, and achieve a better-performing organization overall, it’s time to get your survey on. 



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