What You Should Never Do For Employee Onboarding

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Jan 19, 2015

stop doing these things with employee onboardingEmployee onboarding is a make-or-break period. It’s an employee’s first real impression of the work environment, their job duties, and what’s expected out of them. So companies should be doing all their best in creating a great, positive impression.

But organizations are failing their new hires. They’re leaving them in the dust and not preparing employees for success with the company. These are the five things you should avoid when onboarding a new employee.

  1. Fail to prepare: The new employee doesn’t have their workstation set up. They don’t even have an email address yet. Failing to set the proper arrangements for the employee is setting them up for, well, failure. It gives the impression that the company just don’t care.

  1. Being unpersonable: "Read this form. Sign here." Repeat. How about showing some warmth? It’s difficult starting a new job, so make them feel welcomed by giving them a taste of their work responsibilities. It’ll make employees feel like they’re making a difference on the first day.

  1. No introduction: It doesn’t matter how large a company is—introduce the employees to their teammates. First days are nerve-racking enough, so why would you want your new hire to feel like an outsider? Get them acquainted with their peers so they can start feeling comfortable in the culture.

  2. Information overload: Just because we’re all adults doesn’t mean we have the longest attention span. Don’t just throw mounds of information at your employee and expect them to retain it. Instead, ease them in—little by little. Even throw in a few hands-on opportunities so they can get a better grasp on the information.

  3. No greeter: The worst thing a company can do is not have anyone greet the new hire upon arrival. Don’t let them just go wandering and expect them to figure it out on their own. Have someone greet them and take them around the place so they know where to find everything.

It’s never easy starting a new job. But with an efficient onboarding program, you can help your new employee feel comfortable and welcomed in the company.



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