What Would Your Employees Do If They Were The Boss? [New Report]

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Dec 21, 2014

A new year brings change. So, we wanted to see what kind of differences employees were looking for in 2015. Our New Year Employee Report picked the brains of full-time workers to uncover the top changes they would make in their organization.

We turned the power over and asked subordinates, “If you were promoted to be your boss’s manager in the new year, what’s the first thing you would change?” These were the top five answers:

New Year Employee Report results

From the looks of it, workers believe managers aren’t aware of weak links in the workplace. Some workers just need to strengthen their skills, while others are beyond help.

Three out of five of the responses tied back to organizational culture. Employees want a company that’s invested in its culture. Having strong core values helps shape the way policies are made, how people communicate, and the way work is accomplished.

Before 2015 hits, start thinking about what type of changes you would make in your workplace. The employees have spoken, and you might want to improve your method of performance reviews to ensure every worker is up to par.


TINYpulse New Year Employee Report

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