What Kind of Rating Would Your Job Performance Get?

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Jun 20, 2016

What Kind of Rating Would Your Job Performance Get by TINYpulseIt seems like everyone’s got an opinion about everyone and everything. The Internet and TV shows starting with American Idol have gotten us used to the whole notion of handing out ratings. Whether it’s a number of stars on an app, Glassdoor reviews, or Yelp comments on restaurants and their waiters, it’s amazing just how many ways there are out there when you want to check out something to buy or even someone to hire or a company to work for. And how many outlets there are for our own opinions.

In the work environment, people leave comments on LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Professors have to contend with RateMyProfessors. Uber drivers rate their customers, and if you’ve got a low rating, you might as well hail a cab now. And since we know that people tend to post more when they have something negative to say, the whole phenomenon should be a cause for concern, or at least pro-active management.

As Lisa McLeod writes in the Gwinnett Daily Post, “People are already rating you, and if you think they’re not sharing their assessments of you, you’re delusional.” And, of course, we all have our own opinions of coworkers and bosses.

So what do you think they’re saying about you? It’s really hard to know how others see us. McLeod suggests getting ahead of things by asking. It’s a simple way to improve as a person.

How about asking the five most important people in your business and personal life to honestly rate you? Presuming you select people who aren’t cruel, it’s likely you’ll pick up some good intel on where you excel and where you need improvement.

Who knows, it may even improve what these people write about you next time they leave a comment somewhere.




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