And the Biggest Driver of Start-Up Growth Is. . .

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Apr 22, 2017


We’re pleased to announce the release of our 2017 Annual TINYpulse Start-Up Report which was published earlier this week.

To find out the trends that have recently emerged regarding start-up cultures, we recently surveyed over 100 start-up founders — and thousands of their employees, anonymously.

What did we find?

For starters, growing start-ups that had female founders seem to be outperforming start-ups that were founded by males only. The fastest-growing start-ups — those that have experienced growth of 200% or more — are 75% more likely to be founded by women.

It also appears — perhaps not surprisingly — that founders tend to think that their own start-up’s culture is better than their employees do. This holds true across a number of metrics, including transparency and happiness.

We also discovered that founders who prioritize culture are less likely to deal with high levels of employee attrition. This makes sense, because the better a company’s culture is, the more likely workers will be to stick around. As an added bonus, when employee retention rates tick up, companies benefit from a healthier bottom line and a more skilled workforce.

Contrary to what many folks might think, we also found out that things like work-life balance and benefits packages don’t really convince employees to stick around for the long haul. Once again, things like happiness and transparency play a huge role in any team member’s decision to stay put.

What ended up being the biggest driver of start-up growth? Download our report below to find out.



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