What CIOs Need to Know About Turnover [New Report]

by Dora Wang on Sep 14, 2016 5:00:00 AM
What CIOs Need to Know About Turnover by TINYpulseEmployees in the tech space are valued for their innovation and drive. At the same time, what makes them so valuable can also make them difficult for a company to hold onto.
What should CIOs do to make sure they can compete for — and keep — this talent that's in such high demand?
Our new Guide to Retention for CIOs shows you how one leader did it.
When the new CIO of GuideOne Insurance took the reins, the IT department was struggling with employee dissatisfaction and attrition. As he reached out to his team, he realized the problems were pervasive and the risk of turnover was high. 
Faced with a situation that could lead to a costly loss of talent from a difficult-to-recruit employee base, the CIO went in search of a strategy to gather employee feedback and generate proactive solutions.
Download our Guide to Retention for CIOs to see how he overcame the challenges faced by his team and used real-time feedback to stay on top of potential attrition issues — and ultimately cut voluntary turnover from 12.0% to 3.1%.
Click below to read the guide today.

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Dora is an employee engagement researcher for TINYpulse and managing editor of TINYinstitute. Having grown up in Texas, she is now firmly settled in Seattle, where she spends her free time reading comic books, wrangling her three cats, and (of course) rooting for the Seahawks.

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