Westminster Dog Show: Why You Must Focus On Performance

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Feb 18, 2015

ap_westminster_dog_show_2015_70898050It’s a ruff world when it comes to dog shows. However, at this year’s Westminster Dog Show, it was a time for an unlikely win. Last night, it was announced that a beagle by the name of Miss P. took the crown for the pooch pageant.

Putting aside the grooming and strutting, this outcome of the dog show can teach us all a thing or two about employee recognition. Let’s face it: beagles aren’t your typical dog show characters. And it goes to show that it’s not always the prettiest, most outgoing, or most favorited that deserves the spotlight.

Not So Standard

In dog shows, you get poodles, terriers, and setters—the typical dogs that are entered into these competitions are bred for these types of events. And then you get the beagle. These four-legged pals are more homely than they are showy.

When it comes to employees, it’s the same. You have the outspoken, the well groomed, or the do-anything-the-boss-says person. And then you have the quiet one. The more overpowering characteristics are difficult to ignore, but it also shouldn’t mean you should overlook the hard work and effort of any of your employees.

Performance Is Performance

Every dog had their own story in the competition. Matisse the Portuguese water dog is related to Obama’s pooch. Rocket the shih tzu is owned by Patty Hearst. But when it comes to performance, none of that matters, nor should it ever be taken into consideration.

Focusing solely on a person’s background or experience can easily lead to biases. It could lead to certain employees producing mediocre work without you even taking notice. You might never know when you have a top dog in your office if you only take notice of flashy employees.

It all comes down to results. Dog shows put an emphasis on showmanship, but in the end, it’s performance that counts. The same goes with employees: take notice of the quality of work they’re producing to find your underdog winner.



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