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Take a look at our offerings in the list below. Some webinars provide credit for HRCI and SHRM certification, which will be noted underneath the title.


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Upcoming Webinars 

Join us at 10am PST on December 13th.

Workplace diversity isn't as simple as adding employees from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and races to the team.

Being able to support a true culture of diversity means having cultural and social awareness as well as practical strategies to ensure that each employee feels safe to contribute and respect one another's styles.

It takes strategic yet sensitive probing to find and utilize the existing and latent talents of your team members. Building the capacity of a diverse team brings unimaginable benefits, if done right.

In this webinar, Eliza Polly of TINYpulse and Marie Gervais of Shift Management will explain the best techniques, tips, and strategies to help your team overcome challenges and support workplace diversity.


  • How to create an ecosystem workflow that encourages team talent development 
  • What obstacles get in the way of diverse group performance and how to turn them into building blocks for success 
  • What probing questions can help team member talent - while encouraging unity of purpose for business goals

On-Demand Webinars


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Turnover is a big deal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in April of 2015, a massive 2.7 million employees quit their job. And that rate has been on the rise for the past 12 months. It’s no surprise — Gallup says the job market has been experiencing great improvement since the bleak era of the Great Recession. 

So what can you do to prevent turnover and ensure that your employees are engaged and committed to your organization and mission? 

Tune in to this free webinar on Tuesday, November 15th to find out. Engagement experts Kevin Nakao from TINYpulseand Greg Kuchcik from Zeeto will pass along the best tips, tricks, and best practices to ensure your own success.

Specifically, you’ll learn: 

  • Why and how you should build a culture of transparency and communication 
  • How to build employee happiness on a budget
  • How to develop your own unique culture that will stick


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Building a best place to work is easier than you might think. It comes down to creating an environment where employees feel engaged and inspired to do great work on an ongoing basis.

Two work culture experts -- Dr. Laura Hamill, chief people officer at Limeade, and B.J. Shannon, head of customer happiness at TINYpulse -- will discuss why investing in your employees is essential to building a great work culture.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:
  • Give employees a voice and an outlet for honest and regular feedback.
  • Support growth and learning for your employees.
  • Enable and encourage continuous peer recognition.


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Employee engagement data provides a new lens that helps you see the biggest areas of risk turnover in your organization.

Tune in to this free webinar to learn best practices and techniques for how to dive deeper into your organization and figure out specific and innovative strategies that will boost your team’s engagement and retention. TINYpulse’s VP of Employee Engagement and Brenthaven’s Director of HR will walk you through best practices for how to put systems in place within your own organization. 

Specifically, you will learn: 

  • How to gain insight into your workplace happiness and learn quickly about any issues that might be on the horizon
  • Techniques for how to best prevent turnover and get your risk level in check
  • Easy ways to get a pulse on your team’s happiness
  • Create a world-class workplace culture

Sponsored by the Lake Washington Human Resource Association, this webinar has also been approved by SHRM for 1 Professional Development Credit (PDC).


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Content is no longer only in the marketing department's domain. Content fuels the entire buyer journey, which means that every corner of your organization uses content to fulfill their function, from Marketing, to Sales, to Customer Success. The best way to secure company-wide content buy-in is to cultivate a culture of content.


But what exactly does having a 'culture of content' entail, and how  can you build one?

Join Uberflip's Hana Abaza and TINYpulse's Kevin Nakao for a webinar where we'll share our tried-and-tested tips for creating a culture of content.


You will learn:

  • The anatomy and benefits of having a culture of content
  • How to collaborate with your employees to create impactful content that will help increase engagement, conversions, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Why collaboration between departments (and between managers and contributors) is so important, and how this builds engagement and productivity



Happy Employees Leads to Happy Clients: Creating a World-Class Culture to Boost Client Retention 

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There’s no doubt about it - training employees to deliver great customer experiences is critical. The real secret to standing out though? Empowering your employees to feel motivated and committed on a daily basis through great work culture. 

Companies that embrace the relationship between employee engagement and customer engagement as a strategic priority can expect greater client loyalty, retention, and advocacy. The benefits are insurmountable, but still many companies today are not leveraging it to their best advantage. 

Join this free webinar to learn:

  • How to build a culture of employee motivation and engagement within your organization
  • Data trends
  • How to measure your client happiness

This webinar will feature BJ Shannon, Head of Customer Happiness at TINYpulse, and Emily Tetto, Director of Talent and Culture at Acceleration Partners. Emily will share insights and specifics on how Acceleration Partners has created a culture of engaged, happy employees, and how that’s translated into happier and more loyal customers. 


 Break Through to Your Peak Performance

Watch it on-demand. 


Whether you're navigating your way on a new team, expanding your leadership role, or just trying to get heard in a meeting, you're facing the kind of workplace challenge we all run into sooner or later: you need a new performance.

In this FREE Soundview Live + TINYpulse webinar, Cathy Salit presents revolutionary strategies that are guaranteed to yield greater success and satisfaction. No matter what your challenge, Salit's innovative philosophy, case studies, practical exercises, and inspiring advice will help you deliver your own top performance.


You will learn how to:

  • Build ensembles and take an emotional inventory
  • Craft new scripts for greater confidence, stronger relationships and better outcomes
  • Accept others' criticism and input



Healthcare professionals hold some of the most important jobs in our workforce. Our need for their services continues to grow, but healthcare jobs are also among the most difficult, with burnout being one of the biggest factors leading to turnover.

In this webinar, Chief Talent Officer Frances Roy shares insight on how her team at Ascension Health is leading the charge in driving stronger employee engagement and work culture within healthcare services. TINYpulse's Senior Customer Success Director Ericka Ramon also will dig into the sentiments around workplace experience and job satisfaction within the healthcare industry. 

Topics covered include:

  • Details around the current state of work culture within the healthcare industry
  • How to prevent burnout and turnover
  • Driving recognition and appreciation to build employee happiness and retention
  • Costless solutions for improving engagement
  • The importance of communication and transparency

 This webinar will also include data and research from TINYpulse's recent Employee Dissatisfaction in Healthcare Services report. 


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Company values are the North Star that guides your business and define who you are as an organization — yet only 42% of employees know what their company's values are.

Join our webinar to hear CEO Henry Albrecht share top insights on how Limeade has used their company values to recruit the best employees and build the #1 workplace in Washington state.

You'll also learn how to specifically turn your organization into a values-driven culture that's embraced by both leadership and employees. Specifically: 

  • The crucial role values play in your company
  • Which values are right for you
  • The importance of hiring and firing by values
  • How to implement yours into daily culture


How to Achieve a Life of Primary Greatness

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Stephen R. Covey believed there were only two ways to live: a life of primary greatness or a life of secondary greatness. Through his classic books and seminars, he taught that the intrinsic rewards of primary greatness—integrity, responsibility, and meaningful contribution—far outweighed the superficial rewards of secondary greatness—money, popularity, and the self-absorbed, pleasure-ridden life that some people consider “success.”

In this free webinar, seasoned instructor Breck England shares his expert knowledge of the classic Covey wisdom and the principles and methodology behind Primary Greatness.

You will learn how:

  • To achieve success with maturity
  • To create an essence of leadership
  • Character and integrity beats popularity, fame and fortune
  • The 12 levers of success will help you lead a life of primary greatness


How to Gather and Make Use of Employee Feedback to Drive Increased Engagement

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Over the past few years, more and more organizations have been adopting new and creative ways to increase employee engagement, more specifically by changing the way and frequency in which they collect feedback. In some cases, organizations have completely retired their annual surveys or decided to adopt pulse surveys to compliment their annual ones, deciding to move to something lighter and more frequent.

With this changing trend comes a new set of challenges - how do leaders handle and manage this feedback? How do you keep employees engaged and frequently participating? 

Heather Younger and Ketti Salemme discuss employee and manager concerns around pulse surveys, best ways to gather responses and then acting on said feedback. Using real quotes from pulse survey users, employees, and leaders, you will learn:

  • Tips and expert insights on best ways to gather feedback
  • How to keep engagement and participation high
  • Why it's essential to act on these responses 


Building a Magnetic Culture: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent to Create an Engaged, Productive Workforce

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To become the best in the business, it is essential to employ the best people. But how do employers build a staff that is ready, and able to take an organization to its next level? Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book, this inspiring keynote focuses on how to attract talented employees to the workplace, empower them, and sustain an environment in who they are more likely to stay. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Redefining employee engagement
  • Pulse surveys vs. annual surveys
  • Recruiting: The right hire
  • The top 10 engagement drivers and the related best practices
  • The importance of embracing diversity and inclusion
  • The missing “secret sauce” - FUN
  • Creating an environment of shared ownership for engagement

Drawing on years of research and real-world examples from his consulting experience, Kevin Sheridan gives you the strategies and tactics you need to transform your organization by creating and maintaining a Magnetic Culture. 


What Your Employees Are Thinking But Are Afraid to Tell You

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Our latest research on employee engagement shows us that the workplace landscape is changing. The factors that shape employee satisfaction and retention aren't what they used to be — and that means that leaders need to update their strategies for creating great cultures and low turnover.

Luckily, those strategies aren't all about sky-high salaries and fancy perks. The best methods for raising your engagement levels are much cheaper and much more meaningful.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to quickly and easily find out what your employees are thinking
  • Why you should make employee appreciation one of your top priorities
  • The vital role that coworkers play


Getting to the Heart of Engagement by Leveraging Pulse Surveys 

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The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey found that engagement, retention, and culture was the number one HR issue facing companies today. Based on over 3,300 responses from more than 100 countries, 87% of surveyed respondents listed retention, engagement, and culture as their most important HR imperative, with half saying this issue is "urgent."

This webinar discusses how GuideOne Insurance used pulse surveys to better understand its IT workforce, address their concerns, improve engagement, and reduce turnover. We will also explore how using engagement surveys can both improve work for employees and reduce the costs associated with turnover.

In this webinar we:

  • Look at the challenges facing GuideOne Insurance and its IT employees as they keep pace with rapid changes in both the industry and technology
  • Examine how GuideOne’s CIO took an active role in effectively identifying key employee pain points
  • Explore how GuideOne implemented a real-time feedback tool to stay on top of employee needs
  • Track GuideOne’s results, including a significant decrease in IT voluntary turnover from 12.0% to 3.1%
  • Provide suggestions for making engagement surveys an effective tool to address engagement and retention issues


Performance Management to Performance Feedback: What's Technology Got to Do with It? 

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In just the past 12-18 months, more and more organizations have been denouncing traditional approaches to strategic human capital management, more specifically in the area of performance management (PM). In some cases, organizations have completely retired their PM programs, which means no ratings, forced distributions, or even annual reviews. In other cases, they have moved to something lighter that involves more frequent check-ins, either on a weekly, monthly, or biannual basis. Some with ratings, some without.

This is where some of the latest innovations in HR technology have made such conversations possible and made the performance review process less bulky, lighter, but at the same time more effective and substantial in its impact.

But reliance on tech alone to aid in delivery of better feedback on performance is not the holy grail. Nor is changing the frequency of that feedback. Orgs still need to train managers on how to deliver effective feedback and on how to set goals that will intrinsically motivate their employees.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is behind all these companies ditching the traditional annual performance review process?
  • How has technology changed the performance management game?
  • Best practices in next-generation performance management


Employee Engagement: What the Heck it's All About and Why You Need to Be All About It

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Approved by HRCI for 1 RCH / SHRM for 1 PDC

"Employee engagement" is a buzzword in the workplace today. Not only is it supposed to make workers happier, but it's also good for companies — increasing profits by $2,400 per employee per year, by some estimates. But what is engagement really all about?

Watch our webinar to find out why this phrase should matter to you, and what your company should be doing about it. You’ll learn:

  • What employee engagement really means
  • The current state of engagement in today's workforce
  • How to track the metrics of engagement and culture
  • Best practices for improving engagement


 Cracking the Millennial Code

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Approved by HRCI for 1 RCH / SHRM for 1 PDC

75% of millennials say they'd consider leaving their job if they don't see options for their professional development. Is your organization ready to attract — and retain — this growing workforce?

Watch our webinar to find out what separates millennials from other generations, and how to meet their workplace expectations. You’ll learn:

  • The political events and social trends that have shaped their lives
  • What they're looking for in their job search
  • The kind of culture that encourages them to stick around
  • What they bring to your company

How to Use Company Values to Drive Success

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Approved by HRCI for 1 RCH / SHRM for 1 PDC

Company values are the North Star that guide your business and define who you are as an organization — yet only 42% of employees know what their company's values are.

Watch our webinar to find out how you can turn your company into a values-driven culture that's embraced by leadership and employees alike. You’ll learn:

  • The crucial role values play in your company
  • Which values are right for you
  • Ways to make them memorable
  • How to bring them to life

Survey Your Way to a Happier Workforce 

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64% of employees want their supervisor to ask them about workplace satisfaction every 2 weeks or more.

Watch this webinar to discover what you need to create your survey and how to leverage it to improve employee happiness. You’ll learn:

  • How surveys can help your company
  • The essential components of a useful survey
  • The steps that leaders must take
  • How to build long-term success

Nail Performance Reviews from Start to Finish 

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91% of organizations use performance reviews, but the majority of managers and employees loathe them.

Join this webinar to discover all the tips and tricks, and find out the steps that you can take to create an effective performance review. You’ll learn:

  • The problems with traditional performance reviews
  • Setting goals and how to align them
  • When to time the reviews
  • How to crowdsource feedback


How to Drive Employee Happiness Through the Roof

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Our 2015 Industry Ranking Report uncovered startling findings about which were the happiest and unhappiest industries around.

Watch this webinar to discover what differentiates these industries, and find out the steps that you can take to drive engagement and satisfaction improvements in your workplace. You’ll learn:

  • Which are the happiest and unhappiest industries out there
  • The top 2 drivers of industry happiness
  • The 5 common issues plaguing unhappy companies
  • The tools you need to uncover troublesome issues lurking in your workplace
  • Four easy steps any leader can take to improve employee satisfaction


Employee Engagement: Creating a Culture of Recognition and Appreciation

Watch it on-demand.  

As the job market recovers, it's time to ask yourself a serious question: are your employees happy? If you can't answer with a definitive "Yes," then it may be time to take a look at your strategy for employee recognition.

Watch this webinar to hear how you can improve employee engagement, boost recognition, and increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. You’ll learn:

  • How employees rate their satisfaction with their direct supervisor
  • The #1 reason employees go the extra mile
  • The value of employee recognition and ways to show appreciation


Ketti Salemme

Ketti Salemme

March 03, 2016



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