[Webinar] Nail Performance Reviews from Start to Finish

by Sabrina Son on Apr 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

iStock_000027677121_SmallWhether you’re a manager or employee, there’s a good chance that you dread the performance review process. But the reality is, they’re not going anywhere. Globoforce found that a whopping 91% of organizations are using them.

So what are some of the best strategies you can start using to make reviews more effective for both yourself and your employees?

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll be presenting all the tips and tricks that you’ll need for the actual review process, and also the steps you need to take to prepare for them. We’ll cover:

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  • The current problem with performance reviews
  • The critical role that goals play in the process
  • How to set goals and align them across the organization
  • When to time the reviews
  • The importance of crowdsourcing feedback

We’re excited to share our strategies with you and hope you’ll join us for our upcoming webinar.


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