[Webinar] How To Drive Employee Happiness Through The Roof

1 min read
Feb 9, 2015

Screen_Shot_2015-02-06_at_1.35.58_PMSome industries are considered prestigious, others lucrative, and a select set is always considered to be personally fulfilling. But does any of this impact employee happiness?

This question was at the heart of our first-ever Best Industry Ranking Report. We compared 12 unique industries—everything from Manufacturing and Consumer Products to Construction and Technology & Software—and the results were astounding!

In an upcoming webinar, we'll be presenting all of our findings, showcasing who those happy employees are, and which industries are dragging employees down. We'll cover:

  • The complete list of industries ... and where they rank for employee happiness
  • The top two factors driving industry happiness
  • Key drivers of industry unhappiness
  • How to uncover troublesome issues lurking in your workplace
  • Four easy steps any leader can take to improve employee satisfaction

We're excited to share these findings with you and hope you will join us for the upcoming webinar. 


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