Want Better Employee Engagement? Ask These 5 Simple Questions

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Feb 11, 2015

Want Better Employee Engagement? Ask These 5 Simple QuestionsSometimes it’s hard to know where to start with employee engagement. You want to know how your workers are doing, but what do you ask them?

Our 2015 Industry Ranking Report revealed to us which industries have the happiest workers on average—and which ones have the unhappiest. With over 30,000 employee survey responses from more than 500 companies, we were able to see exactly what factors drive workplace happiness. And once we know what the most important factors are, we know what questions we should be asking.

The top reasons that employees enjoy their jobs aren’t high pay and fancy offices. They’re about working with great people and feeling excited about their work and projects. So if you want to measure your employee engagement, try asking these simple yet vital questions:

TINYpulse 2015 Industry Ranking Report

Easy, right? Just a few basic questions can get right to the heart of employee engagement at your company. Ultimately, what matters isn’t how many questions or how complicated they are, but instead making sure that they hit the right target of what’s important to your employees’ happiness.



2015 TINYpulse Industry Ranking Report

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