Using Performance Reviews to Boost Employee Happiness

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May 9, 2016

It's been said time and time again, performance reviews are a grueling process. Our research found that the number one complaint from managers and employees is that they're way too time-consuming.

So goes the story of our solution to this issue: TINYpulse Perform. Six months ago, we shipped out the beta version to a select number of people. And naturally, I wanted to see how our beta testers were doing. Using data from October 1, 2015, to April 1, 2016, I analyzed the weekly survey responses given by employees through TINYpulse Engage, comparing responses from employees who had created at least one performance goal in Perform against responses from those who had not.

Lo and behold, there were some exciting results! Perform users rated higher than non-Perform users on various factors that define the workplace experience (p < .001 for all ratings).



Compared to non-Perform users, employees who use Perform report that . . .

  • Their management is 14% more transparent
  • Their organization is 11% better at taking action on their feedback
  • They feel 11% more valued at work
  • Their work environment is 12% better
  • They are 9% more likely to refer someone to work at their organization

Let's break this data down even further.



What happens when you open up the communication channels between managers and employees? When employees receive frequent feedback from their managers, they are no longer blindsided by a negative (or positive) review at the end of the year because there is constant visibility.


Response to Feedback

Weekly performance reviews eliminate the waiting game. Employees can inform their managers about any obstacles that are hindering them from meeting their goals. And in return, managers can help employees find a solution in a timely manner.



Another common complaint about performance reviews is that they're too focused on the negatives. But with weekly reviews, employees enjoy timely recognition from their managers when goals are met or exceeded.


Work Environment

No one likes a hostile workplace that's veiled in secrecy. When employees feel like their managers are listening to them and value their opinion, there's no doubt they'll feel better about their workplace.



And lastly, employees who feel supported by their managers won't hesitate to refer others to their organization. Bad mouthing spreads like wildfire — but so do good words.

Pulse performance reviews are revolutionizing the workplace. Managers and employees are no longer kept in the dark about what's going on and how goals are going. The result? A happier workforce that's more likely to bring in other great talent.



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