Turn To Technology To Keep Gen Y Engaged

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Dec 23, 2014

generation-y employee using technology to work remotelyBy 2015, Gen Y will comprise 75% of the workforce, says the US Bureau of Labor. Are you looking for ways to keep this hyper-connected generation engaged at the workplace? Put technology in their hands, and see the wonders Gen Y will bring to the table.

Generation Y saw cell phones go from clamshell to smartphone. They grew up watching the innovation of technology and adapting to those changes. So, there’s no wonder that millennials are considered a hyper-connected group. Here’s why technology is the key to keeping millennials sticking around at any workplace:

Work isn’t a place, it’s a task: Some say millennials are spoiled because they want to make their own work hours. Contrary to belief, they’re a hardworking bunch. But, in order to stay productivity and actively engaged, they need the flexibility to perform their duties anywhere and at any time.

Cloud-based content retrieval and mobile apps allow for telecommuting, which is a perk that can put your company above competitors in terms of attracting or retaining this crowd.

Take Best Buy’s “Results-Only Work Environment” as a prime example of how flexibility counteracts common belief that remote work hinders productivity. This program allows employees to work from anywhere, at their own schedule. Productivity increased by 41% due to this innovative work style, and turnover decreased by an astounding 90%.

Talking by hand: Technology has shaped the way millennials communicate with one another. From social media to texting, they prefer digital communication. This might sound like they’re hermit workers that prefer traveling solo, but it’s the opposite.

Communication through technology enhances collaboration. They can instantly message a coworker for help, video call a team from another office, or upload their files for immediate feedback. As seen in this research, 60% of millennials stand out when it comes to producing and uploading online content, compared to non-millennials. As a generation that thrives through teamwork, technology is their tool for efficiency.

Generation Y is notorious for job hopping, but there are ways to keep them engaged at a workplace. Turn to technology because that’s what they’re familiar with, what they use on a daily basis, and what they look for in any workplace.



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