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How to Prepare Your Business For the $15 Minimum Wage Hike

It’s an issue that’s been heatedly debated among politicians, businesses, and employees, but chances are, your city is soon to be experiencing a hike to a $15 minimum wage. Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are on the front lines of the progression to lift the citywide minimum wage to $15 in the next few years. New York state has recommended a $15 minimum hourly wage for fast-food chains and their employees by the end of 2018.

INBOUND15 Keynote Speaker: Seth Godin

The opening keynote presentation by Seth Godin at INBOUND15 — pioneer of inbound marketing.

The Hilarious Results of Meetings Running Like Teleconferences

Teleconferencing is a great thing. In theory, anyway. The reality? A little less so. Between random technology fails, user error, and the inability to see what’s going on, a teleconference requires patience and a forgiving heart. Thank goodness on-site meetings don’t really go like the one in this video from Tripp and Tyler. 

How Retail's On-Call Schedule Actually Hurts Children

If you’re a retail worker with young children at home, it’s likely you’ve experienced childcare difficulties related to an unpredictable and inconsistent work schedule.

What Each Day of the Week Means To Employees (If Being Honest)

The work week is a cycle that employees find themselves in, well, every week. The thing is, it’s cyclical. You do what you can to make it through to the week (if you’re being completely honest to yourself and employers), and then you find yourself right back in the same position at the beginning of the following week. 

The Scary Environmental Impact If Microsoft Used Only Keurig

Single-serve coffee mkers have taken office environments by storm, and there’s no more popular pod-based coffee machine than the Keurig. However, even the creator of Keurig, John Sylvan, has spoken out against his invention’s negative impact on the environment.