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Dec 17

How to Write the Perfect Out-Of-Office Message

Hi stranger, Sorry I'm unable to reply to your email. I'm off frolicking in the meadows. Please do not contact me until I'm back.

How to Navigate the Company Holiday Party Without Getting Fired

Sure, it's supposed to be a simple holiday celebration of your organizational culture and a productive year ...

Sep 28

How to Negotiate a Salary Offer Without Looking Like a Jerk

Going from application to job offer is no mean task. By the time you get a call from the recruiter giving you the good news, you’ve likely gone through a couple of rounds of interviews, maybe even given a presentation or job talk. It’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria of the moment and accept your potential employer’s initial offer without taking the time to negotiate your salary.

Sep 6

5 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Job-Posting Scams

If you find yourself conducting a job search, chances are you’ll flock to sites like Craigslist, Indeed, and Monster to see what’s what.

Sep 4

9 Tips for Surviving and Getting the Most out of INBOUND 2015

Fostering an organizational culture of innovation involves sending your employees out to learn from industry experts. And this time around, we’re sending out our team to learn from the best of the best at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference.

Aug 27

3 Incredibly Easy Office Kitchen Cooking Hacks

If you think your tiny office kitchen means you can’t cook yourself up a great workday lunch, then you aren’t thinking outside of the box. The toaster, the coffee machine, and of course the microwave can be the only tools you need to whip up a home-cooked quality meal in a pinch. And no, this doesn’t mean heating up your leftover salmon, because the fish smell you’ll cause will be the first step to office conflict.