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Jan 27

6 Quick Tips for Making Meetings More Effective

Ever sit through a meeting that was beyond unproductive? You know, the kind where the team deviates off topic and chats aimlessly over the course of an hour about virtually everything that’s not work related?

Jan 23

Just the Right Music Choices to Get You Through the Workday

It's becoming more and more common to walk into a workplace and hear music playing through the speakers. For some, it's a part of a company's organizational culture. This study found that there was a strong connection between improved productivity and the use of music.

Jan 21

5 Core Things to Keep In Mind When Giving Your Two Weeks' Notice

This post comes from Laura Troyani, Founder & Editor of PlanBeyond, a one-stop shop for exploring your end-of-life needs. Whether it’s exploring last wills, hospice care, estate taxes or anything in between, you can trust PlanBeyond to quickly and easily answer all your questions. Laura was most recently the Marketing Director at TINYpulse, so she knows a thing or two about smoothly transitioning out of a role.

Jan 14

Dramatically Increase Productivity With These 20 To-Do Managers

There are some brave souls who still rely on the pen-and-paper method to manage their tasks. But if you’re like most tech-obsessed professionals, odds are you rely on a digital to-do manager of sorts — or at least you wished you did.

Jan 12

7 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Workspace Organized

You’re more productive when your desk is clean. Don’t believe it? It’s easier to find things when there’s less clutter on your desk. So rather than spending seven minutes looking for that file you misplaced, when your desk is clean you’re able to jump right in and get to work.

Dec 31

5 Secrets to Staying Committed to New Year's Resolutions for Work

A new year is upon us, which means that once again it’s time to take a hard look at our lives and act fearlessly by setting resolutions. Sure, we all have something we want to better about ourselves, especially when it comes to our careers.