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6 Common Types of Leadership Styles -- How to Find Your Own Style

As a manager, you are able to tap into multiple leadership styles already. Most likely, one of them is dominant. But there are several different approaches you can tap into at the most appropriate times.

What, When, and How to Implement Change Management in Your Company (+5 Examples)

The market changes, your customers change, the competition changes… Everything around your company changes, and you need to adapt quickly.

33 Trust-Building Questions to Ask in the Workplace

As a manager, creating a successful, cohesive team is a huge challenge. It involves a number of factors including thought leadership, proper technology, a working system, and more. 

12 Leadership Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Manager

Managers have the power to make or break their organizations. While great leaders encourage their employees to reach their full potential and help their organizations surpass their goals, terrible dictators discourage workers to the point they want to jump ship.

How to Ask for Employee Feedback on Management & Leadership

Great leaders don’t just give great feedback. They ask for it too.  Ask yourself the following question: On a scale of one to 10, how would your employees rate your effectiveness as a leader? 

10 ways to meet your goals with time management

One of the most powerful and valuable skills you can possess in life is effective time management. If you’re not using your time wisely, there is a very small chance you are going to reach your work goals and even less of a chance you will achieve your personal goals.