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What Immediately Happens to Other Employees When Their Coworkers Quit

Employee retention is always difficult, and when your best people leave, it’s especially painful. Not only do you miss out on your strongest employees’ skills, knowledge, and contributions, you also have to deal with the remaining members of your team who will likely be upset, discouraged, or worse.

How to Connect With Employees at Every Stage in Their Careers

Consider this, the person you hired is a slightly different person a year later, and a few years after that, and so on. You may never completely lock into people who just pass through your company, but for employees who dig into their jobs with you, those jobs become their careers. And a career — just like the individual who has it — has a life cycle, with different stages, each of which carries with it different goals and a different mindset.

Engage Employees With Repetitive Jobs Using One Simple Phrase

  Employee engagement is pretty much a universally agreed-upon goal for human resources departments everywhere. But while offering something like time to work on personal projects might appeal to developers, or while creating collaborative spaces supports those whose specific jobs require interpersonal work, not all employee roles benefit equally from traditional engagement ideas.

You Could Be Struggling With Employee Retention and Not Know It

The economy is on the rise, and the unemployment rate is down below 5.0%. It’s a great time for employees to expand their roles and look for jobs that will engage and excite them . . . and it’s a terrible time for leaders trying to retain their workforce!

And the Biggest Driver of Start-Up Growth Is. . .

We’re pleased to announce the release of our 2017 Annual TINYpulse Start-Up Report which was published earlier this week.

9 Reasons Your Employees Leave Your Company

If being a manager was easy, all you’d have to do is hire the right workers and they’d stay in place for as long as you needed them. Unfortunately, it never works out that way. In fact, despite the challenging job market, more than two million Americans voluntarily leave their jobs each month, as reported by Forbes.