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10 Reasons Why Google’s Company Culture Works

Google’s company culture is almost always mentioned when people talk about a great working environment. It’s often one of the major reasons people want to work at Google to begin with. Well, that and the fact that it’s one of the biggest, most influential companies in the world.

The Ultimate List of Team Building Activities [New activities added]

If you’ve ever had the privilege of managing a team, I’m sure you know the true value of teamwork and collaboration. As managers, it’s up to us to keep our team members on the same page—sometimes by force, sometimes through fun team-building activities.

Short Guide To Amazing Employer Branding: How To Combine HR & Marketing

Which team is responsible for defining and maintaining company culture and employer brand: HR or marketing?

Leading In Uncharted Waters: TINYpulse CEO Responds To Coronavirus

Updated March 31, 2020: Get TINYpulse WFH Essentials: For a limited time, get 3 free months of TINYpulse and help lead your team through the pandemic crisis with confidence. TINYdent: Free WFH Essentials for COVID-19 Impacted Leaders: A post by TINYpulse CEO David Niu on why we're offering free 3-month subscriptions for leaders impacted by COVID-19. Plus helpful advice for leaders transitioning to WFH and need help getting started. How to Manage a Remote Team Effectively During Times of Uncertainty: Plenty of actionable tips and helpful information to work from home effectively. Advice to leaders on how to maintain work culture. On March 1st, I shared this message RE the Coronavirus / COVID-19 virus with all the folks at TINYpulse.  I have to admit that I wrote and rewrote that email multiple times. 

Subject: Coronavirus

The following is the first email I sent to the entire company on March 1st, 2020 regarding the Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation in Seattle, WA where TINYpulse is headquartered and the epicenter of the US outbreak. I've included the email in its entirety below.

How to Implement Change Management: A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Organizational Change

In recent years, change management has become somewhat of an organization buzz phrase—and for good reason. For businesses to succeed in today’s world, change is inevitable. And whenever it occurs, it needs to be masterfully managed.