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TINYpulse discovers how your employees are feeling, and performing

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Measure how happy, frustrated, or burnt-out your employees are, and gain real time employee feedback to create a company culture you can be proud of.
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TINYpulse Tips: Using Segments To Filter Your Responses

Since culture can be so specific to departments or locations, we've provided the ability to create segments within your account to filter results by. For example, if you have multiple locations, you can group all the employees in New York, Shanghai, and London into segments. Then you can easily see your overall Happiness results and then filter by office location. Of course you can also create segments for functions or departments, like Marketing versus Finance versus Customer Delight. This pinpoints specific areas of your company that are high performing or exhibit opportunities for improvement.

TINYpulse Tips: New and Improved Thank You for Submitting Page

One of the most frequent feature requests we've received is for users to be able to see all of their past TINYpulse Cheers for Peers(TM) in one place. We're happy to announce that we are providing that ability and more on our new Thank You for Submitting page starting with this week's TINYpulse! We're very excited for you and your team to be able to see all of their recognition in one place every time they complete their TINYpulse.

TINYpulse Tips – Sharing TINYpulse Responses With Your Team

When we architected TINYpulse, the two main building blocks were anonymity and sharing the feedback with the respondents. There's only one thing worse than not giving feedback: giving feedback and never following up regarding the provided feedback. So we make it easy to edit and share feedback. You will also see the option to share your "Cheers Feed" and "Wall of Wins". For now, however, we'll focus on just sharing the results of your previous TINYpulse.

TINYpulse Tips - Changing TINYpulse Survey Frequencies

A common question that we get from TINYpulse administrators is if they can change the frequency of TINYpulses. With a weekly rhythm, some companies may not be able to effectively share the results, and other companies may want to better align the responses with their internal meeting tempo, which may not occur weekly. While the majority of TINYpulse users pulse weekly, we understand that it may not work for everyone.