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Nov 16

Data-driven Talent Management: a scale-able, predictable approach to growing your business

    Talent management is something that every company has its eye on—especially with people analytics tools becoming popular common practice. And it makes sense: when it’s not feasible to grow the team to a bigger size, improving the performance of existing employees is a great way to get company-wide growth.

What's one of the most important traits of a high-performing company? Agility.

Kevin Oakes is the CEO and founder of the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), the world’s largest vendor-free network of corporations focused on improving workforce productivity. He describes i4cp as “a research group that studies the people practices of high performing organizations.”

Nov 7

Through the Looking Glassdoor; getting scores to match company culture

 Peter Phelan is a self-professed corporate culture doctor. With an impressive track record as Chief People Officer at both Shutterstock and Mediamath, we’re tempted to call him a culture wizard; Mediamath topped Glassdoor’s best places to work list three years in a row, and Phelan’s work now as CEO and Founder of ValuesCulture helps create high-performing companies with strong positive cultures. He describes his work as “helping companies distill their cultural truth”.

Reimagining the Employee Experience at Fidelity Investments

  Millennials are becoming an increasing part of today's corporate workforce. But with different values and strengths than the generations before them, are we changing fast enough to keep up? Organizations that don't account for millennials in their culture see higher attrition rates, but it's a trend we now know that we can correct for. Fidelity Investments is a shining example of a company taking on major change to draw in-- and keep-- the best and brightest of the millennial generation.

Aug 7

The Mark Roberge Model: How to Hire, Train, and Develop Employees

Is there a right way to hire people? Just like there's no one perfect way to manage a team, there's no one perfect way to hire and train employees. However, there are best practices for doing so.

Jul 28

5 Reasons to Stop What You're Doing and Register for TINYcon

It's easy to talk yourself out of committing to an annual conference. If you are a manager, the thought of investing in your career beyond listening to podcasts and buying a couple of books can be overwhelming. If you are an HR professional, it can be even harder to ask your employer for the fees and possibly travel expenses to Seattle so that you can add value to your current role.