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6 Well-Meaning Interview Questions That Actually Repel Candidates

Sure, employers hold the power during interviews with new candidates. They're the ones in the driver's seat when it comes to hiring or passing on potential recruits day in and day out.

9 of the Most Bizarre Interview Experiences for Hiring Managers

Most of the time, interviews are fairly standard. Prospective candidates try to sell themselves to hiring managers, who then make a decision as to whom they think the best person for the job will be.

Modern Personality Tests for HR to Find the Right Culture Fit

Whenever you have to replace an employee, there are considerable costs you’ll have to absorb. In addition to having to pay your new hire’s salary and benefits, you’ll also have to devote resources to the sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding processes. When a new employee starts, managers have to spend some of their time getting them up to speed. It might even be eight months before your rookie is able to handle all of their job responsibilities.

Should HR Be Worried About a Candidate's Social Media Presence?

4 Clichéd Questions You Need to Stop Asking in Interviews

You want to find the absolute right person for the job. Someone that fits your organizational culture and will stay with the company in the long term. It’s difficult to find the exact right questions to ask. You’re looking to go beyond the surface level and get a better idea of each candidate’s personality.

How Recruiters Can Use Their Work Culture to Attract the Best Talent

When it comes to recruiting new candidates, you would do well to ask yourself the following question: how do we stand out? Not in terms of the services you offer or the products you sell, but rather how does your organization’s character differ from your rivals’?