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What the Presidential Candidates' SMART Goals Look Like

Crafting SMART goals — those that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely — is a difficult task for any leader. Consider how much more difficult it must be for presidential candidates. From passing legislation through Congress to getting buy-in from millions of voters, any presidential action hinges on myriad contingencies.

Who Gives CEOs Performance Reviews?

Why Great Performance Doesn’t Happen Without Great Onboarding

The Negative Impact Labels Have on an Employee’s Performance

Managing data about employee performance is essential for businesses today. But is labeling some employees as low performers limiting their ability to succeed?

4 Easy Ways to Make Performance Reviews Shorter

Our report, The Truth Behind Performance Reviews, found that the top problem employees have with reviews is that they’re simply too long. It’s hard to blame them. Who would want to sit and listen to criticisms about themselves for an hour?

The Importance of Ongoing Feedback for Performance Management

Employees can’t reach their full potential on their own. Even someone like Lebron James has a number of coaches analyzing his approach to the game of basketball to give him pointers to help him become an even better player.