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How to Create Organizational Values That Actually Work

It might be easy to dismiss company values as just pretty ideas. But what do these lofty concepts have to do with the running of your business? A lot, actually.

5 Organizational Values Your Business Should Copy

You might think they’re just simple words, but great organizational values help businesses accomplish their goals and build cultures that fulfill their visions.

3 Ways to Bring Employees on Board With Your Company Values

Strong organizational values support your company’s vision, shape its culture, and communicate its goals and aspirations. It is surprising how many organizations have dedicated significant time and energy to developing and solidifying company values but then fail to integrate them into the employee work culture.

[Webinar] How to Use Company Values to Drive Success

Organizational values support the mission of your company and help shape its culture. As an expression of the principles you believe in, they act as a North Star that guides your business decisions. Unfortunately, only 42% of employees know their company's values.

Do You Fire Employees If They Don't Fit Your Company Values?

The answer to when to let an employee go becomes clear when that staff member has committed something egregious — in the lying, cheating, stealing vein. But how do you know when to fire an honest worker who just can’t engage with the company values?

Why One-Word Organizational Values Fail

Organizational values have a tendency to lean toward the abstract, or even the touchy-feely — “Integrity,” “Be Good,” or other buzzwords and phrases. These can easily veer into the meaningless if they aren’t tied to something concrete. And there’s evidence showing that making more concrete values and aligning them with your company goals will help your employees be more productive toward achieving these goals.