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8 Signs You've Got an Unhappy Employee — and What to Do About It

If all of your employees were happy all of the time, running a company would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, odds are, at least one of your employees will ultimately become dissatisfied with their job and bring a bad attitude into the workplace. These problem employees can be deadly for team morale and company productivity.

How Startup CEOs Can Develop a Company Culture

Building a business from scratch takes a lot of work — there’s no doubt about that. But while many founders focus on getting their product to market as quickly as possible, sometimes this comes at the expense of other critical facets of their companies which could come back to haunt them in the future.

Feb 21

What Kills Innovation at Work?

Any company that wishes to grow should care a great deal about innovation.

How to Run a Company With Almost No Rules

A key finding of our 2017 Employee Engagement Report is that organizational culture is a major influencer of employee engagement. If you’ve ever been at a company that has a lot of rules and enforces them strictly, you know how discouraging (and distracting) it can be. It’s 100 degrees outside, but employees aren’t allowed to wear shorts because of the dress code. Someone’s train is 15 minutes late today — meaning they’ll be late too — but when they arrive in the office, they won’t be able to start doing work until they’ve been scolded by their boss for tardiness. A team member’s child has a soccer game this afternoon, but they have to sit at their desk because your company isn’t flexible — even though they’re caught up with work. You get the gist.

15 Team-Building Activities to Build Trust Among Coworkers

How These Four Companies Became a Best Place to Work