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Conquering a Cultural Chasm

For a growing startup, the honeymoon period doesn’t last forever.

How to Fix a Toxic Work Culture

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, you’ve probably seen that Uber has been in the news a lot lately — and not for good reasons.

Should Your Company Ban After-Hours Emails?

On January 1, a new law went into effect in France that required companies with at least 50 employees to designate specific hours during which workers could send and answer emails — and which hours they could not.

Why Your Company Should Embrace March Madness

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — more commonly known as March Madness — kicks off tomorrow, March 14, with the first four play-in games. The first round of the tournament officially tips off two days later on March 16.

5 Tips on How to Stop Being a Helicopter CEO and Scale Your Startup

You may have heard of the "helicopter parent," a mom or dad who hovers over their children all the time. These folks want their kids to succeed, and they play as big of a role in their children’s lives as they possibly can to make that happen. Think of a mom who accompanies her teenage son to a job interview for a barista position.

8 Signs You've Got an Unhappy Employee — and What to Do About It

If all of your employees were happy all of the time, running a company would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, odds are, at least one of your employees will ultimately become dissatisfied with their job and bring a bad attitude into the workplace. These problem employees can be deadly for team morale and company productivity.