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3 Hidden Traps That Make Mergers and Acquisitions Fail

With the benefit of growth opportunities in new clients, products, or areas around the globe, it seems like mergers and acquisitions would generally be a good idea for a company looking to expand its reach. But often, that is very far from the case.

Valuable Lessons From 2 Examples of Successful Organizational Change

Organizational change — it can be the best of times and the worst of times. Because humans are naturally change-resistant, implementing a new company-wide initiative can feel like pulling teeth, even if it’s backed by an ironclad business case.

The 3 Mistakes That Will Tank Your Business Pivot

There’s a reason people in human resources talk about “change management.” Change is hard. Many of us are creatures of habit who don’t particularly welcome it. And if it affects your company, that can be especially scary because most of us depend on our jobs to earn a living. 

From Silos To Success: Cisco’s Formula For Successful Reorg

Not all organizational change is about big mergers or new CEOs. There are many other types of corporate change happening every day that don’t make a splash in the news, like implementing new technology or introducing a new policy initiative. It may not seem as big as appointing a new CEO, but when you’re dealing with thousands of employees, any change can be monumental.

Marvel Studios Shows Us How Organizational Change Can Earn Billions

Chances are, you probably hadn't heard of Iron Man seven years ago unless you were a die-hard comic book fan. But now the character has headlined multiple films and become a king of the box office. The producer, Marvel Studios, wasn't even making movies before 2008. How did they transform themselves into the creators of a multibillion-dollar franchise?

What Does Beef Jerky Have To Do With Organizational Change?

On January 29th, Hershey Co. announced disappointing profit growth for the latest quarter. The news follows a recent pattern of struggling sales for the company. There are a number of reasons for the chocolate maker’s difficulties, from the rising cost of ingredients to the strength of the U.S. dollar hurting international business. But one thing is clear, and it’s that Hershey has a problem.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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