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Why You Can’t Leave Company Culture Out of Organizational Change

There’s no magic button to make organizational change succeed, but there are a few factors that we see over and over when things do work out. And the one that should be shouted from the rooftops is company culture. This isn’t to say that a strong vision or measurable goals aren’t important, of course, but culture is a bit of an unsung hero. Sure, it’s “softer” and less quantifiable — but it’s a necessary part of the foundation for any change-management process.

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3 Unique Lessons on Customer Acquisition for Start-Ups

Start-ups are already facing an uphill climb to compete with the bigger and badder companies in their industries. Many don’t have the finances, staff, or connections to beat out successful existing companies in their target area and lose customers to respected brands that have been on the market much longer. The sad truth is that start-ups are almost fated to fail.

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