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Top 5 Books for HR to Build a Better Culture in 2020

During tough times, an amazing thing happens: People improve themselves. They take classes. They go back to school. They learn something new. As an HR pro, you're probably still working your tail off and trying to figure out how to adjust to the new normal.

TINYtalk: Altek Supply's Manager Month Theme and Results

Recently, I saw a LinkedIn post by Altek Supply that shared the results of the four questions they pulsed their team during May, which they dubbed "Manager Month." I was blown away by the transparency and the outstanding results of their pulses, so I had to interview Mike Atema, President and CEO of Altek Supply to learn more. Don't miss TINYtalk: Step Up For Students - Boosting Culture during COVID-19. Click the video above to watch the full interview with Mike Atema. Or enjoy the edited transcript below.

100 Useful Performance Review Phrases

Employee performance reviews are key to offering helpful feedback to managers and employees.

6 Low-Cost Ways Nonprofits Can Pump Up Employee Engagement

                      Employee engagement has real ROI. And at nonprofit organizations that depend on grants and donations to operate, getting the most bang from your buck is essential.

15 Questions You Need to Ask in Employee Satisfaction Surveys

It’s widely known that when employees are satisfied with their jobs, they’re much more likely to be happy, more engaged, and more productive. Since successful companies are built on the backs of satisfied and motivated employees, it would seem like a no-brainer that organizations should care deeply about employee satisfaction surveys.  

23 Exciting 5-Minute Icebreaker Games for Work

Are you planning a company-wide meeting where a bunch of employees who don’t usually work together, will be in the same room or chat? If so, you’ll probably want to have a few five-minute team-building activities and icebreaker games up your sleeve for some quality team bonding.

It's time to start changing the way your employees engage. 

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