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How to Spot Leadership Potential in Millennials

Millennials believe that business leadership should be less reliant on profit and more on the employee’s well-being. Nowadays, the younger generation wants to be a part of a business that puts emphasis not only on the bottom line but also on its impact on society and the environment. This could prove to be a problem when turning toward millennials for leadership within the company.

Sep 29

Why Humanities Majors Make the Best Employees

Look at any study that compares degrees to postgraduation earnings — and you’ll be hard-pressed to find English literature or history listed among the top 10 majors.

3 Character Traits Every Potential Leader Must Have

So you’ve decided to create a leadership pipeline. When it comes to developing leaders, your best bet is probably going to be all those fresh-faced, recently hired millennials. Just check out these findings from Deloitte and Oracle:

Aug 17

Denver’s Thriving Start-Up Culture Makes It a Hotbed for Millennials

Las Vegas has casinos. New Orleans has jambalaya. Boston has baked beans. And Denver has start-ups. Over the last 5 to 10 years, Denver, Colorado, has been a magnet for entrepreneurs looking for a home base to start their new company. With that, it has also been a magnet pulling in millennials looking for exciting new work where they can make an impact.

[Webinar] Cracking the Millennial Code

“Millennial” is a buzzword in the workplace discussions these days, especially for recruiters and managers. And it’s no wonder — they’ve surpassed Gen X as the largest generation in the workforce, according to Pew Research Center. They’re also the youngest, riding in on a wave of new technology and social norms.

The Real Reason Why Millennials Crave Feedback in the Workplace

Millennials have grown up in an instant-access feedback cycle of the Internet and social media. This culture has bled into their working lives, where they seek quick and consistent feedback from their supervisors — far, far more than any generation that has come before.