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Mar 23

Why Ignoring Millennials' Needs Is Detrimental to Your Organization

There's no stopping it: the millennials are taking over — and not just in numbers. This is a generation whose bold ambitions and optimism don't stop at home: they want to improve the workplace and they want to change the world in the process. While the typical millennial is often accused of being entitled, needy, or just plain lazy, they see it in a different way: they're shaking up the 9-to-5 mentality with grand plans, innovative ideas, and a sly streak of rebellion.

Feb 17

Top 7 Reasons Millennials Stay With Their Employers

Millennials are known for hopping from job to job. According to PayScale, the average tenure of a millennial is two years. Compare that to members of Gen X, who are likely to stick around at a company for five years.

3 CEOs' Perspective on Culture, Millennials, and Purpose

Our CEO, David Niu, recently joined a panel discussion at the Seattle World Trade Center to talk about employee engagement, transparency, and work culture. Joining him were Limeade CEO Henry Albrecht and PayScale CEO Mike Metzger. Hosting the panel discussion was Teri Citterman, author of From the CEO’s Perspective.

Jan 10

What the Next Generation Craves in the Workplace [Infographic]

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: the landscape of the working world is changing. The problem is that instead of a slow and steady shift, the workplace is going through a seismic movement. So if organizations aren't prepped, aware, or willing to change, they're going to fail fast and hard.

Proven Strategies to Attract and Retain Millennials

Oct 23

Our Awesome Advice to the Google Employee Living in His Truck

It’s pretty safe to say working at Google is a good gig. Not only do you get a job at one the world’s leading tech companies, but you also get like a zillion dollars and an insane benefits package that includes, among other things, free laundry. You also get to work in really cool spaces.