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4 Points to Consider Before Getting Rid of Email for Communication

Many businesses are moving away from an internal communication system based on email. And with good reason — 33% of your time at work is consumed by email, according to McKinsey Global Institute. Literally billions of business emails are sent each day.

Uncovering the Truth Behind These 5 Ridiculous Myths About Millennials

Stereotypes run rampant about the “me, me, me” millennial generation — and not just in the personal life. These stereotypes are infiltrating the workforce and infecting recruiters and hiring managers when they’re looking for the best candidate for a job. You know the millennial stereotypes: lazy, entitled, superficial, money-grubbing, and more. But what you don’t know will only hurt you.

May 25

What the Job Market Is Like for 2016 College Grads

It’s that time of year again. College seniors will soon be donning caps and gowns, ready to transition from life in the classroom to life in the workforce. In between soaking up those last moments of college life, they’re applying for jobs, going to interviews, and hoping something good comes their way. 

Apr 18

9 Ways Millennials Are Disrupting the Leadership World

Millennials in the workplace aren’t just fetching cups of coffee and performing entry-level tasks — many are at the tops of their fields. This generation brings their own set of values and priorities to the workplace. With many millennials rising through the ranks, the norms of the corporate world are changing.

The 5 Most Irrational Stereotypes About Millennials at Work

As has always been the case, older generations look at younger generations with a certain amount of distrust and disdain. But in most cases, it’s unwarranted. As millennials multiply within your organization, some older employees might judge them based on a number of stereotypes. Here are five of them — and why they’re wrong.

Mar 29

The Real Reason Millennials Are Job Hopping and How to Retain Them

A new study by the Center for American Progress (CAP) found that financial hardship is causing millennials to look for new work. The results might be surprising considering that millennials are the best-educated generation entering the workforce at a time of increased productivity.