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Sep 24

How to Make Your Organization Look Attractive to Millennials

It’s not just employees that have changed with the times. Today’s recruitment process is a far cry from the old job-post cattle call. Set yourself up for success by knowing where millennial candidates will look and what they want to see. Dropping a posting on LinkedIn or Monster just won’t cut it. You need to prep everything about your recruiting experience to make yourself attractive to applicants.

Sep 11

How to Masterfully Manage 4 Different Generations [Infographic]

Aug 25

The Hot New Perk That Attracts Millennial Employees

A major concern, especially for younger employees, is crushing levels of student debt. The statistics are staggering — $1.3 trillion in total debt, with the average 2016 grad carrying more than $37,000 each. As employees need higher and higher levels of education to be competitive, they’re paying the price for schooling.

Aug 12

5 Revealing Truths About Millennials in the Workplace

Jul 19

How Giving Back to the Community Retains Millennials

Recent surveys have shown that employees value companies that take social responsibility seriously. One study found that four out of five millennials think that businesses should make a commitment to the greater good. Businesses are responding, with philanthropy growing at a rate of 64%, according to the Committee for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. And it’s not just employees — potential customers are willing to spend more to ensure that the businesses they support are socially and environmentally sustainable.

Jul 15

Why CEOs Need to Provide Millennials Financial Benefits and Security

A recent study by TD Bank found that millennials are better with their money than Gen Xers and baby boomers. Far from being pampered and entitled, millennials are aware of the importance of good financial health. They think about the future more. They’re more frugal. And they’re saving for retirement.