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Reimagining the Employee Experience at Fidelity Investments

  Millennials are becoming an increasing part of today's corporate workforce. But with different values and strengths than the generations before them, are we changing fast enough to keep up? Organizations that don't account for millennials in their culture see higher attrition rates, but it's a trend we now know that we can correct for. Fidelity Investments is a shining example of a company taking on major change to draw in-- and keep-- the best and brightest of the millennial generation.

How to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Millennials

When executives are asked about their companies' most competitive advantages, without fail they declare "It's our people."  So why do so many companies come up short when it comes to recognizing, coaching, and helping to fulfill the talent potential of their employees? To learn more, I spoke with Rochelle Reiter, Agency Principal at Orange Label, a leading response marketing agency known for its unconventional, but effective, core value: the color orange. This summer, the Newport Beach based company earned a spot on the Orange County Business Journals' list of Best Places to Work so I was super excited to get Rochelle's thoughts on a powerful but, often neglected, set of leadership skills.  READ MORE: THE 2019 COMPLETE GUIDE TO COMPANY CULTURE

5 Millennial Myths Debunked

You’ve probably seen this video making the rounds on social media. The smart-looking, hipsterish fellow in the glasses is Simon Sinek, a marketing consultant, motivational speaker, and self-proclaimed millennial expert.

Jan 10

Millennials Are the Least Likely to Take Time Off From Work

Millennials: The Infamous Job Hoppers [Infographic]

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The Differences Between Gen X, Y, and Z at Work [Infographic]