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Sep 1

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – September 1, 2014

When it comes to keeping employees happy and productive, it's not just about big paychecks and exciting projects. It's about flexibility. That's one thing more and more employees say they want, but many bosses can't handle the implementation. How can you figure out whether a flexible working schedule is right for the employees in your company? HR expert Suzanne Lucas has a few great tips on making a flexible schedule work for you.

Aug 25

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – August 25, 2014

What skills are you looking for when you make a new hire? For most companies, the answer is the same: They are looking for someone who has prior experience and education related to the job itself. But one company is finding that looking outside the box for unusual skills and passions is a great way to cultivate a more diverse and creative workforce. Read their story from Fast Co. author Evie Nagy to see why hiring for outside passions could be the key to improving your team.

Aug 18

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – August 18, 2014

Looking for proof that happier workers are more productive? Well, according to's Ariana Ayu, happy employees work better with others, fix problems instead of complaining about them, have more energy, are more creative, optimistic, motivated, and healthy (i.e., they take fewer sick days), worry less about making mistakes (and then actually make fewer mistakes), learn faster, and make better decisions. Still not convinced? Read her post, "Why Happiness Matters."

Aug 11

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – August 11, 2014

Forget success. Forget fame. Forget fortune. Happiness is what we are all really searching for. And's Jeff Haden has the secret to unending happiness, and it starts with an app called Happify. So, can the science behind this system stack up? Jeff Haden seems to think so. See for yourself in this recent writeup, "15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier." Are you determined to improve the wellness of your employees? You must might want to start with wearable technology. And no, I'm not talking about Google Glass. By incentivizing - and measuring - physical wellness with the help of wearable tech, you can make huge improvements in the health of your team. Check out these 4 ways wearable devices can promote employee wellness from Entrepreneur author Lisa Evans.

Aug 4

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – August 4, 2014

With statistics showing that 3 out of 4 new businesses end up in failure, getting more from your employees has never been more important. And new research shows that happier employees are 12% more productive. So what can you do to deliver more happiness to your employees? Forbes contributor Eric Siu shares the answer in this Forbes feature, "Why Your Employees' Happiness Matters -- And What To Do About It."

Jul 28

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – July 28, 2014

Most apps out there are designed to make life easier; They help us to get more done in less time more easily. And one new app - Poachable - is setting out to make hiring great talent quicker and easier than ever. But that's not's also helping your competitors steal away your best employees. Find out more in this piece from writer Will Yakowicz on how Poachable is reinventing hiring (and recruiting!) Speaking of hiring, deciding on a new hire can be one of the most important decisions you make for your company. The wrong employee can not only cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and resources, but one bad apple can, in fact, spoil the culture you've lovingly cultivated. To avoid the stress and headaches that accompany a bad hire, check out this list of 7 tips for more effective hiring from the Young Entrepreneurs Council. You'll be glad you did. The Open Door Policy, frequent one-on-ones, and Friday afternoon happy hours are all examples of methods that good managers use to build stronger relationships of trust with their employees. But what happens when the trust bridge breaks down? Understanding the mindset of your team members in such a case is extremely important if you hope to get your relationship back on good footing. To offer a bit of assistance, Forbes contributor Glen Llopis explains what happens when employees don't trust their leaders.